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What Does It Take to be a Bang Energy Brand Ambassador?

Do you want to be part of the #BangRevolution? Here’s what we’re looking for in Bang Energy brand ambassador castings.

VPX Sports, Redline, and Bang Energy is more than just fitness and supplements – we are a LIFESTYLE. We have taken on hundreds of brand ambassadors all around the world, and we’re still counting. Bang Energy brand ambassador castings take place all over the country, as they usually occur during the weekend of a fitness expo that we’re attending. If you want to become a Bang Energy brand ambassador, there’s a few things you can do to stand out amongst the rest!

The first thing we look for is a smile. It’s natural to be nervous at a brand ambassador casting, but keep your cool! Relax, and let your astounding personality shine.

Come prepared to the casting and ready to rock your swimwear. Wear a bathing suit that compliments your figure, as well as your skin tone. Your hair should be done nicely, and your skin tan. Females must have their makeup done.

It’s important to have background knowledge of health and fitness. We work well with people who have the same passion we do. You must also know about VPX, Redline, and Bang Energy products, as well as show your willingness to learn more about our company. Do you have a favorite VPX product that you like to use regularly?

Come prepared to answer questions, like:
Have you ever worked with any other fitness companies before?
What are your interests outside of the gym?
Do you have any hobbies?
Are you a student? Do you work full-time?
What’s your social media engagement like?

It’s important that you are active on social media. Social media is a priority as a Bang Energy brand ambassador. If you make it to the next step in our Bang Energy brand ambassador casting, you must be willing to set up your own demos at least twice a month to sample our products and educate others.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Bang Energy brand ambassador, come show us what you got!